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The Witches Of The East Neuk

Written and Directed by Jacob Topen & Ibrahim Clayton

Edited by Jacob Topen

Production Manager: Pamela Clayton

Produced by Jacob Topen & Ibrahim Clayton

Production Company: BBC Studios

BBC Scotland Producer: Mark Bignell

Score Composed by Jacob Topen

Featuring: By The Lake 2 2937/84

Martin Romberg (TONO) | Campbell E Browning (PRS) | Pablo Love (PRS)

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Ibrahim Clayton as Rupert D'ssane (BA. Hons)

Jacob Topen as Ramsey (Fish shop man-boy)

Pamela Clayton as Iona

Darcy Topen as Isla

Torrin Topen as Dorothy Morris


A BBC STUDIOS / Dark & Stormy Films / Sufi Machine Pictures production

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